Personal Histories

Ted Parker SC3/c

Born in 1926, Oakland, CAL. The family moved to Stockton, Cal. in 1930 where his Mother resided as a child. During the early years he attended Roosevelt Elementary. It is still in use to this day.

Started selling papers downtown, the Stockton Record at the age of 10, at 5c a copy.

Entered Stockton High School in 1940, got his driver’s license, and went to work for Safeway Stores. My Mother worked for J.C. Penney Stores and my father worked in construction Calif. Highway Dept.

During my senior year in high school I worked part time for Stockton Box Factory and enlisted in the Navy. I was sworn in 24 hours after graduation from high school at the Federal Building in San Francisco. The next day I was on a train out of Oakland heading for Farragut, Idaho.

Was there twelve weeks, Company 708-44. From there went to to Treasure Island, San Francisco and was assigned to the Hadley crew. Eventually sent to San Pedro to board the new ship, DD774.

After the war was discharged at Camp Shoemaker, near Livermore, Calif. as a Ship’s Cook 3/c. This was 25 miles from my home. After college I joined the San Joaquin Sheriffs Dept. Was married in 1949. Several years later changed careers and went to work for the Harford Insurance Co. as Claims Adjuster. Retired in 1991 in San Francisco and then settled in Manteca, Calif. with two daughters and many grandchildren. My wife died of 45 years died in 1994.