Personal Histories

John M. Harris FC3/c

There is really not much to comment in my dull life. After leaving the Navy I went back to college and became a first class drunk. I was kicked out of three universities for trouble making and drinking. I did not graduate from college. On graduation day I got drunk and did not show up. This is water over the dam.

I then became a jewelry salesmen and sold diamonds. I gave that up after being robbed in Kansas. After a three month healing process I want to work for the City Of Omaha in their Traffic Engineering Department. I spent the next 30 years there and retired 18 years ago. I have been sober for the past 50 years.

I have been married for about 50 years, and have three good children.

My two accomplishments were

1. I kept my GI Insurance.

2. I am still receiving a disability check from the government for my injuries that I received while serving on the Hadley.

So as you can see it has not been much of a life.

I am still thrilled with making a contact with you.

May 06, 1999

From your Webmaster: John and I made a few liberties together. He was an O.K. guy . We didn’t get crocked that I can remember. He came aboard the after long tour on the USS Iowa BB61.