Personal Histories

James R. Pollock CM3/c

Jim was born on 4 May 1926 to Pete and Mary Pollock at St Paul, MN. He was moved at 2 years of age to Huron, South Dakota. Graduated from Huron High school in 1944 and joined the Navy in June of 1944. Boot camp was at Farragut, Idaho. He then went on to join the Navy Destroyer Pool at Treasure Island, San Francisco and there was assigned to the crew of the USS Hadley and was aboard for the ship commissioning, then on to San Diego for ship’s shakedown training. Was to become a ship’s carpenter, but there was no wood on board he took care of ships anchor and the firefighting equipment. He manned a 20mm gun for his General Quarters assignment. During the battle the near by 5″ guns bowled him and the others over if they got to near the muzzle blast He recalls the 20mm manual, stating to change barrels every ten minutes, but never had time during battle. He goes on to say that he had to un-strap himself from gun so as to be able to swing fast enough to keep ahead of kamikaze planes. Jim still aboard during trip home when Hadley, under tow, was forced to sail through a furious typhoon.

Jim’s next assignment was to USS John Pope (AP110), one of the Magic Carpet Fleet, transporting troops back from Japan and surrounding Islands, including Okinawa. Still on the John Pope, he sailed through the Panama Canal, the last time for the ship, and on to New York. He was then sent to the Great Lakes Naval Station for discharge, leaving the Navy as a CM3/C.

He began his career as a power lineman for Northwestern Public Service at Huron, SD in 1947 and continued there until 1988. Married Dorothy Wanken 10-23-53 and they are still happily married. They had 5 children. John born 6-4-55 and is also a power lineman. Patty, born 10-5-57, graduated from college and taught school for several years, then took a job with K-Mart in 1997. Leo, born 3-17-59, retired from National Guard with 20 years and now works as a certified welder. Jim born 12-1-60 worked as a lineman until his death on 8-22-96 at age of 36. Mary, born 3-30-69, graduated from college and worked as a trainer for US SPRINT. Now is a consultant and works part time when she desires. Father spends most of his time restoring old cars, tractors, and engines. He attends many old time steam shows.

Submitted by;
Beth and Leo Pollock