Vernon Frank Album

Shipmate, Vernon Frank had a collection of photos from his time on the USS Hadley. His daughter Sharla (Frank) Nordick posted these on the USS Hugh W. Hadley Facebook page. His collection is now preserved here on the Hadley website. Some photo captions provide no ID of the shipmates. If you recognize an unknown (UK) sailor, send a note to [email protected]

Frank, Helling, Tindell and Fryor

Fryor and Hile

Fryor, Frank, Tindell, and Hile

Fryor, Tindell, Helling, and Frank

Leo Helling

Helling on watch

Jay Holmes and UK

MKimm, Maheady, Gerould, Lt. O’donnel, CPH Heppy


Top row L-R; Johnson, Kuneman, Ebel, Jacobson, Frank, Calcom, Tice. 2nd row L-R; UK,UK, Gray, Keller, Jones, UK, Lt. Robbins

40mm Frank and UK

40 mm gunnery

USS Hollister DD-788

Bill Tindell

Crew of Division 1

Ed Fryor

USS Phoenix CL-46 (light cruiser)

USS Phoenix at anchor

Pier and carrier unkown location

Stalzer on the 40mm

Stalzer loading supplies

Terry Neal (not a Hadley crewmember)

UK and Ralph Fuhr

Hull number is 68 (unknown ship)

Pacific War rifles, the M-1 Garand and Jap Arisaka side by side