Personal Histories

Daniel L. Hocker S2/c

I worked at Tinker Field (Now Tinker AFB) while I was 16 yrs old. When I turned 17 in May of 1944, I joined the Navy. I took my boot training at Farragut, Idaho, Camp Scott Company 700-44 Regiment 5-Battalion 20 July l944. Received destroyer training at Treasure Island and was assigned to HADLEY. On the ship my regular duty station was messenger watch on the Bridge. My GQ station was on one of the aft 20 mm guns. I was aboard the HADLEY until June 1945 when 100 of the crew were sent back to States via Hawaii. At Pearl, we were the guests of the Commander of Destroyers of Pacific at a party in our honor. After the HADLEY and before discharge I was assigned to a detachment from Mare Island to Suisun Bay, anchoring decommissioned ships to be mothballed. This was a manure detail. I was discharged May 1946 at Mare Island, California, an event which made me very happy.

Returned to Oklahoma and drew my 52/20. Many years later, after a long career in the USPS, I retired from as a Special Postal Clerk on April 28, 1982 with 34 years service. The awards I received from the Postal service was a cash award for outstanding service and a service award at retirement for dedicated service to the Government of the United States.

Some other data about me: — Member of the Masonic Frat– Served as secretary of my Blue Lodge (Bethany# 529) for 1 year (1962). Member of Scottish Rite–York Rite– India Shrine Temple. Perpetual member of Blue Lodge And Scottish Rite.–Wife Wanda–Three children- Janie Marie Blevins–James Lee Hocker Sr.–Danna Sue Drumm. — Eight grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. This is about all that I can think of at this time. My memory is not very good.

Thanks a lot,

Dan; [email protected]