Killed in Action 

“When you go home, tell them of us and say
For their tomorrow, we gave our today”

Shipmates killed in action on 11 May, 1945.
(Exceptions as Noted)

NameRankService No.
BAKER, GERALD W. (2)WT1/c337-18-20
BASS. D. C. (1)S1/c(GM)967-62-36
BATTISTA, ROBERT J. (1)RM3/c958-99-05
BILLS, IVAN L. (1)GM3/c660-61-23
BLUM, WILLIAM P. (1)F1/c577-43-39
BREEDLOVE, JAMES E. (2)F1/c342-96-71
CARDIN, JOHN S. (1)GM2/c620-90-84
CAZALE, JOHN J. (1)S1/c202-31-00
CHOVANEC, CHARLES M. (1)S2/c713-48-01
CHRISTAKES, C. C. (1)S1/c804-52-41
CICHOWLAS, EDWARD R. (1, 6)F1/c952-89-93
CLOUSE, FRANCIS C. (1)CGM328-50-36
CROFOOT, GARDNER W. (1)S1/c(TM)943-79-02
EPELLEY, JOHN M. JR. (3)S1/c(TM)874-33-63
GREEN, CHARLES J. (1)COX853-42-34
HACKLER, DONALD F. (3)F1/c677-31-09
HARTUNG, VICTOR (2)WT3/c883-62-57
KELLEY, LEROY (2)WT1/c626-28-62
LEWIS, VAUGHN E. (1)S1/c973-33-43
MARKLAND, WORLEY S. (1)TM2/c640-41-15
MCKEAG, JAMES M. (1)F1/c881-32-68
MORRELL, JOSEPH J. (2, 8)WT1/c382-24-81
NICHOLAS, LEO A. (1)GM2/c202-06-19
NOLES, EDWARD M. (2)BM1/c295-68-07
PATTERSON, RALPH A. (1)S1/c357-77-68
PUFAHL, ELMER A. (1)MM3/c865-92-63
REAVES, JAMES R. (4)SM3/c605-07-30
SMITH, JAMES R. (5)S1/c321-91-37
VEESENMEYER, L.J. (1)S2/c945-48-46
WILSON, ROBERT H. JR. (2)WT3/c258-36-97
WRIGHT, LEON (2, 7)F2/c(WT)939-14-86


1. Buried at sea, Nansei Shoto, Okinawa.

2. U.S. Armed Forces Cemetery, Zamami Shima, Okinawa.

3. 7th Div.(INF) Cemetery, Hagushi, Okinawa.

4. James R. Reaves was re-assigned to the USS Curtis (AV4)
after 11 May 45, was killed on that ship 21 July 45 during
a kamikaze attack.

5. James R. Smith was wounded on Hadley 11 May 45,
returned to States aboard Hospital Ship USS Solace, died
from wounds 21 July 45 at Mare Island Naval Hospital, CA. He was
buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetary in Minneapolis, MN.

6. Edward R. Cichowlas is the only known crew member to
be re-interned at Punchbowl National Cemetery, T.H.
(Now know as the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific)

7. Leon Wright was re-interned at Bennett Cemetery,
Groveton, TX. on 1 April 1949

8. Joseph J. Morrell was re-interned at Holy Cross
Cemetery, Culver City, CA. 1949. Exact date is unknown.

Quote at top of this page is accreted to:
The English classicist John Maxwell Edmonds
the English classicist John Maxwell Edmonds (1875-1958)

NOTE: In the year starting with 1949 all Pacific War dead were re-interred
either stateside or at Punchbowl National Cemetery, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Closue, Francis CGM

Francis C. Clouse
Chief Gunner’s Mate
Burial at Sea

Worley S. Markland
Torpedoman Second Class
Burial at Sea

Ivan Bills
Gunners Mate Third Class
Burial at Sea

Elmer A. Pufahl
Machinist Mate 3/c
Buried at Sea

E. R. Cichowlas
Fireman First Class
Re-interned at Punchbowl Nation Cemetery, Hawaii

Joseph J. Morrell
Water Tender First Class
Re-interned at Holly Cross Cemetery, Culver City CA

Leo A. Nichols
Gunner’s Mate Second Class
Burial at Sea

Robert J. Battista,
Radioman Third Class
Burial at Sea

Leon Wright
Fireman Second Class (WT)
Re-interned at Bennett Cemetery, TX

John J. Cazale
Seaman First Class
Pictured here with brother Tony.

DED- LOUIS PIX-097                      Louis J. Veesenmeyer  Seaman Second Class                                                           Pictured before enlisting. Killed on 44 gun mount                                                   Listed as buried at Sea but body was never found.

The original telegram notifying Louis Veesenmeyer’s mother that he had been killed in action. It was dated 17 May 1945

                                         1LOUIS TEL

  Navy Department Telegram to parents of Leon Wright F2/c(WT)

Letter written by parents of Leon Wright to Chaplain Edwin Winder

Navy Department Telegram to parents of Francis Clouse CGM

This is a restored copy of the letter written by Captain Mullaney to
the mother of Robert Howard Wilson WT3/C notifying her of his death.

Leon Wright
Fireman 2/c (WT)

U.S. Armed Forces Cemetery,
Zamami Shima, Okinawa, July 1945.

Punchbowl National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific
Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii

The National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific is a very impressive and somber shrine in Honolulu, Hawaii. The cemetery is located in Punchbowl Crater, an extinct volcano known as Puowaina, Hawaiian for “Hill of Sacrifice.” More than 38,000 are buried in this memorial park, including victims of World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Among the honored dead are over 13,000 killed-in-action during World War II, as well as 600 more from Korea and Vietnam. The centerpiece of the beautiful cemetery is the striking memorial pictured above. On either side of the ascending stairway are ten “Courts of the Missing”–monuments to 28,788 Americans listed as missing-in-action. The top of the monument is anchored by the “Court of Honor”–a stirring and evocative area where persons can visit a memorial chapel and view several large and colorful map galleries. These galleries depict important engagements in the Pacific Theater during World War II and also the war in Korea from 1950-53. The most visible and distinguishable feature of the “Court of Honor” is the 30-foot statue of Columbia–a female figure holding a laurel branch.

Punchbowl is a quiet, serene and moving place. Visitors not only enjoy the natural beauty of the cemetery but have the opportunity to relax and reflect on the costs of war. The inspiring memorial and thousands of graves of those who served their country make one’s heart swell with pride. It also reminds us of the sacrifice that has been needed to keep our country free. A visit to Punchbowl will affect one deeply. If you have the opportunity to travel to Hawaii and visit the island of Oahu, you should not miss this touching landmark.

Monuments for Hadley Crewmembers at Punchbowl National Cemetery

* These crew members were all buried at sea with the exception of Cichowlas, E. R.
He was re-interned here after removal from Zamami Shima Cemetery after it’s decommissioning.

Order of the Purple Heart