Cruising during 19th Reunion

In 2012, the Hadley shipmates, friends and family gathered in Texas for their 19th reunion. One of the outings was a cruise on the famed San Antonio River Walk. Thirteen shipmates attended along with 50 others. Two river boats were needed to carry everyone from the Hadley crew. 

Tom English and Doug Aitken organized this and most of the previous 18 reunions. At the banquet they passed the reunion planning torch on to Marty Weibel. But due to health of a number of the shipmates, the 2oth reunion was canceled . 

This cruise ended up being the last time these men sailed together. 

River Walk cruise boat on the San Antonio River in 2012.

Tom English seen above was involved in planning most of the reunion. It was a big job. He may have been contemplating his banquet speach for later that night.

Marty and Marilyn Weibel can be seen in the front bow of this boat.