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The complete story of the USS Hadley is now available in the book “Kamikaze Destroyer” by Jeffrey R. Veesenmeyer

    On 11 May 1945 the USS Hugh W. Hadley (DD-774) made naval history. Learn how the Hadley downed 23 kamikazes, endured 5 hits, suffered 151 casualties and survived a typhoon while being towed 6,100 miles home. “Kamikaze Destroyer” describes the Hadley’s participation in the epic air/sea battle at Okinawa.  Details about the battle and the crew’s 385 day journey are told through interviews with many Hadley shipmates.

“Kamikaze Destroyer” Captures Many Untold Stories

  • Find out how declassified naval documents have corrected battle action reports.
  • Read the personal accounts of shipmates – taken from their interviews and diaries. 
  • Feel the pride crewmembers had for each other and their ship.   

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Author, Jeffrey R. Veesenmeyer began researching this book to learn more about his uncle, who was killed on the Hadley. He discovered a story about a ship and a crew that needed to be told. More importantly, it was a story that surviving Hadley shipmates and their families wanted told. 

Now, this incredible story is available in a 320 page book, with over 100 photos, maps, paintings and biographies of shipmates.   

How to order – All books ordered from the author will be signed by Jeffrey R. Veesenmeyer.  

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