Air Cover

Two Marine Corps F4U Corsairs fly in formation. The Corsair was used by our
Combat Air Patrol during our action off Okinawa. They were operating from
a recently captured air base on Okinawa.

On 30 April 45, while cruising at our designated Picket Station an F4U made
an a water landing off of our starboard side after loosing his propeller.
That pilot was Capt. James E. Cox, 020237, VMF323, USMCR.  This data
discovery was made by crewmember Tom English, Aug. 2002.


A forward three-quarters view of another F4U Corsair. The Corsair was
later used in the Korean War by the US Navy, operating from aircraft carriers.


Navy F6F Hellcats, operating from carriers, arrived too late to help.