Hadley Crew Pictures

Decommissioning Party, December 1945, San Francisco, CA.

All these group pictures and with a few exceptions most of the others
were taken five days after 11 May 45.  Therefore most of the casualties
sent to the Hospital ships are not included.

Ordnance Division

L to R Rear Row, ENS O.Winters, LTJG L.Boyd, LT P.McGann
L to R Center Row, B.Stevens, A.Hodde, W.Dean, W.Gard, B.Webbe. L.Plambeck, R.Case, R.Anglin, A.Layne, H.Gibson
L to R Font Row, H.Wisa, C.Karmel, J.Gibbs, E.Scott, J.Johnson, H.Chipps, P.Camp, R.Bennett, P.Braun, L.Polek

Gunners Mates.

L to R Rear Row E.Stuber, L.Doty, C.Krobusek, C.Everett, F.Tripp, G.Shaw, R.Hanson, J.Harris, C.Nelson, O.Hires,
L to R Front Row. L.Lowder, J.Holmes, J.Walker, L.McKain, R.Eaton, R.Hodenson, C.Dewey, M.Wompole, ENS J.Pruden

Fire Controlmen

L to R Rear Row E.Renfroe, H.LaFountain, ENS T.Dyer, R.Wink, W.Prenosil
L to R Front Row R.Berling, K.Glover, J.Oliphant, H.Doyle, R.Farrington


L to R, First row: V.Angelini, A.Lowery, C.Vandeveer, L.Shajka, J.Wright, J.Pollack, D.Evans
Middle row: J.Stout, C.Cook, J.Boyle, C.Clemons, J.Daniel, W.King
Third row: Hodgson, J.Allen, T.Kirkham
, F.Gebhart, A.Jenck, H. Anderson, H.Williams, H.Frost, R.Soares

1st Division Deck Force

2nd Division Deck Force

Fire Room Crews

TOP L -R, Musser MM1/c, Washburn MM3/c, Holzshun MM2/c, Whitehead CMM, Causey CMM,
Carver MM2/c, Bussman MM2/c, Tremaine CMM
BOTTOM L-R, Zeimanek MMI/c, Peterson MM3c, Lyons 1/c, Nocera MM2/c, Silet MM1/c
Stall MM2/c, Malloy MM2/c, Lewis MM2/c

Engine Room Crews

TOP L to R, Roth MM2/c, Dew MoMM2/c, LCDR Couball Chief Engineer,
Cohen MoMM1/c, Joel MM1/c
BOTTOM L TO R, Levy WT3/c, Kronenburg MM2/c, Wise MM1/c, Wasserman Y2/c, Gahler MM1/C

The Chief Engineer and his senior Petty Officers plus the E Division Yeoman


Damage Control Party

Supply Division


                    L to R. Jack McKim PhM2/C, Charles Mahedy PhM3/C, Richard Gerould PhM3/C, Dr. B.V. O’Donnell LTJG, Clarence Heppe CPhM.

Pharmacists Mates



L-R, Jim Johnson, unident.,unident., John Pruden LTJG

Unidentified coxswain, LT. Bill King, Chief Heppe
This is Webmasters favorite picture, The most sea going crew.

Ralph Muntz, Chief Boatswain Mate
The Leading Chief on the Ship.

L. to R. John Greenwald, Ed Sommer, George Cook
All Radarmen

L to R, ENS “P.F.” Graves, Supply Officer, ENS Bobby Schenz, Electronic Material Officer,
LTJG “Doc” O’Donnell, Visiting Doctor, ENS Dave Bell, SONAR Officer, LT Hunter “Robie” Robins, Comm. Officer

Six Junior Officers lounging on the Bridge

More Officers on the Bridge

LT Pat McGann, on the Bridge.


Wally Kendall, shooting the stars.

Dr. O’Donnell, sitting at his desk.

L. to R. Bob Berling, unknown, unknown. Joe Oliphant
note bandages, unknown second from left

Charles Nelson FC1/c

Ernie Kreul EM2/c
Note snow on the ground, Wisconsin no doubt.
January 9, 1946.


Ivan Bills GM3/c (KIA)

Tom English S2/c
Tom left the ship injured on 11 May 45 and never rejoined
the crew. This picture was taken at the Naval Base,
Newport News, Virginia just prior to discharge.

L to R, Bill Gallagher S1/C(RDM), Ed Sommers RDM2/C,
& Charles Gregory RDM2/C.

Hoedown on the Quarterdeck, Pearl harbor

Charlie Karmel

Jim Johnson

Ralph Anglin

Ray Case

W. Mackie

C. J. Krobusek

Joe Oliphant

Shady Layne

R. Bengelsdorf

Charlie Super

Milt Wompole

August Nodde

W. A. Braun

Victor Curnow


Some are identified, some are not. Please help us if you can.

Foister Keck

Wally Kendall

Billy Truax

Gale McKim

E. A. Wrasse

Charlie Key

Fred Hammers

Al Foschi

Carl Everett

Unidentified No. 1

Unidentified No. 2

Unidentified No. 3

Robert J. Soares

Unidentified No. 4

Unidentified No. 5

Unidentified No. 6

Aaron E. Newton S1/c

John Stout S1/c

Unidentified No. 7

Unidentified No. 8

Unidentified No. 9