Christening and Launch was on 16 July 1944,
at Bethlehem Steel, Terminal Island, San Pedro, Calif.

Christening the Hadley is Marian Hadley, widow of Hugh W. Hadley.

Sponsor with champagne in her eyes.

Hadley sliding the ways.

This is Hadley before outfitting topside ordnance, Gun Mounts and Fire Control Directors, etc.


25 NOVEMBER 1944

By invitation only, unless a crew member, for them it was mandatory.

USS Hugh W. Hadley Commissioning 25 November 1944, a dress blue affair.

L. C. Chamberlain , CAPT (CDR), Sponsor Marian Hadley, and unknown Commodore,  probably the Base Commander (Note: Wartime rank only).

Marian Hadley, center, and many officers from the Hadley along with visiting dignitaries.

Another view of the same event.