Dungaree Liberties

The following are pictures of the crew on liberty on the Okinawan off shore island group, Kerama Retto.

L to R, Tom Dwyer Torpedo, Pete Bell, Sonar.
Craig Clemons, 1st LT & Damage Control. Bill Boyd, Asst. Gunnery.


L to R. LTJG Doc O’Donnell.  LT Couball, Chief Eng. Pete Boyd, Asst. Gunnery.
Bill Winter, Asst. Gunnery . Bill King, Asst. 1st Lieut.


L to R. ENS Bob Schenz, Electronics. ENS Dana Bell, Sonar.
LTJG Pete Boyd, Torpedo.

Doug Aitken, Radar. On the donkey, Tom Dwyer Asst. Gunnery.


Bill King, Asst. 1st Lieut.

Need identities, HELP!

On right Tom Kirkham


Name these guys!


Dave Bell
3.2 beer tasted pretty damn good!


Name this one!