Pictures of Damage to Hadley’s Hull

Diagram of damage to the ship.


The severity of Hadley’s damage can be seen in this photo, where the starboard screw
is noticeably out of position. Notice how much farther aft it is than the port screw.

Starboard screw being held by starboard rudder, after
damage to the ship had forced the propeller shaft aft.
Later found that both propeller shafts were sheared.


Pumping to no avail with hole bigger than a Greyhound Bus beneath the waterline.


LCS(L)83 first vessel to come to our aid, ties up on Starboard side..

Above waterline damage at starboard side, Station 110.
Picture taken from USS Deliver ARS23.


Underwater damage, Station 110.
Keel was stoved in as much as 6 feet at damaged area.


Hull damage on or about Station 110.


Starboard side hull damage. Note restored prime hull structure.