USS Hugh W. Hadley in Operation


Under Attack

Hadley is on the left. The source of this picture is unknown.
However, the only other vessels in the area were our escorts.
It would have to have been one of them.

At anchor in the outer harbor

Inside Los Angeles/Long Beach Breakwater

Port Bow, from overhead.

Dead in the water, Starboard Side.

Straight down, dead in the water.

Preparing to get under way, Port Side.
Note: PBY Navy Catalina Amphibian, over ship.

Mt. 44 Firing Practice, underway.
Note: HMS Ramee D-03 on horizon.

Quad 40mm not from Hadley but representative
of the two quad mounts on DD-774. Both were
destroyed by second kamikaze hit 11 May 1945.

Twin 40mm not from Hadley but representative
of the two twin mounts on DD-774. Just after the flying
bridge abreast of the mast. Weapons were designed by
Bofors of Sweden.

Mark 37 Main Battery Gun Director.
Bob Eaton with feet around optical port, on right in tub, Chief Dewey.

Condition 1 Easy after Kamikaze attack.

Taking Hadley aboard the floating dry-dock, ARD28, at Kerama Retto Anchorage.
The dock is lowered into the water by filling ballast tanks, similar to a submarine.
When load is in position the tanks are slowly pump out while the shoring is installed
under the bottom to keep the load on an even keel and for the repair work on the hull.

Hadley high and dry in dry-dock.
Note; repair ship Zaniah standing by, aft to the left. The other clutter of
ships are those who are damaged or those working to repair those damaged.

Taken from ATA199
These are the only know pictures of Hadley as she
looked upon returning to the United States.
The ravages of war.

Shooting across new line after towline break.

See PICTURES/MISCELLANEOUS for picture of the ATA199 in today’s world.
Yes, it is still in commission (2004) in the commercial tugboat business.

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