New documentary film “USS HADLEY – 100 MINUTES IN HELLFIRE”

by Chuck Pride, a veteran and filmmaker of WWII history. The 17 minute video depicts the 11 May 1945 battle that was fought by Hadley and 5 other ships. Click on this link to view the YouTube video.





Scroll down and hit play to begin viewing the videos about the Battle of Okinawa.

At the end of the Okinawa clip you will see links to optional WWII videos.

Volume may be adjusted using the slide bar 2nd from the left.

View these videos in full screen mode by hitting the button in the lower right.

The 3 minute  Laffey video is an animated depiction of a kamikaze attack from a pilots view.

We also recommend clicking on this link to view a kamikaze attack on the USS Laffey at Okinawa. It depicts what Hadley shipmates would experience three weeks later on 11 May 1945.